I just wanted to publicly thank Relando Thompkins, one of my favorite bloggers, for including me in his 13 Compelling Social Work Blogs post. Relando’s blog, Notes from an Aspiring Humanitarian is a lovely blog full of inspirational and thoughtful posts about social work, society, culture, working for social justice and peace. Relando and I share a passion for improving the experience of students of color in higher education. Always thoughtful and thought-provoking, please add N.A.H. to your blog roll!


One thought on “Thank you!

  1. Thank you JaeRan for writing such great content! I really enjoy reading your work, and I think there’s a power in making your thoughts and experiences accessible to others; something that you do very well! Your writing has been very inspirational to me. I also have to tell you that I really appreciated your interview for the Rileys in Uganda Blog! Well said!

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