Look at this cool infographic by the USC School of Social Work in honor of National Social Work Month!
Via MSW@USC: Online MSW


From the USC website:

Often times, people don’t realize social workers are influential professionals in our local communities and have led some of the most important social movements that have changed the fabric of our culture. Also many misconceptions persist about what social workers do and their role in many workplaces. Social workers are people who work tirelessly to help others and can be found in many key industries and professions, such as healthcare, business, human resources and government. Their experience working with culturally diverse audiences and shaping the public policies that help our most vulnerable populations gives them a diverse skill set that is transferrable to many different types of careers.

March is National Social Work Month, sponsored by the National Association of Social Workers (NASW), and this year’s theme, ”Social Work Matters” is meant to showcase the impact of more than 642,000 professional social workers in America. In honor of this important month, our “Social Work 101″ infographic, highlights the rapid growth projected for social work employment, the likely careers and employment settings where you’ll find social workers, and famous social workers who made a difference in our world.


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