Public Affairs – The Search for Youth Policy

“Does the US have a comprehensive youth policy or set of policies? Do we have a common understanding of the rights and responsibilities of youth in our society and is this reflected in the policies that most impact young people? This course will explore these questions as we grapple with the impact of youth policy (or lack thereof) on questions of economic development, formal and non-formal learning, health and human services, housing, immigration, juvenile justice, national security, and youth engagement.”

The text is “Beyond Resistance! Youth Activism and community Change” by Ginwright, Noguera and Cammarota (2006)

African American Studies – Gender, Race, Nation and Policy: Perspectives from Within the African Diaspora

“The focus is on the agency by peoples of African and African diasporas to shape and restructure the public response to communities of African descent. Within the U.S. for example, we will analyze gender, race, reproductive rights. Within Africa, Europe, the U.S. and the Caribbean, we will examine the political economic underpinnings, racialized and gendered aspects of structural inequality and the human response to it.”

Social Work – History of Social Work and HIstorical Research Methods

“This class surveys the evolution of social welfare policy and social work practice in the United States and an introduction to historical research methods.”


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